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VW A/C Service & Repair

Certified Volkswagen Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Snellville, GA

Keeping your car cool is a breeze when your air conditioning is working properly, but when it stops, there’s nothing stopping your car from becoming a solar-powered oven in mere minutes. At Stone Mountain Volkswagen, we can help keep that from happening with our A/C service as well as fix it if it’s already happened with our A/C repair. We’re your local service center for Volkswagen service and repair, and our experts can give your A/C the very best treatment it can get.

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How A/C Works

Your A/C is full of a gas called refrigerant, which can be compressed into a liquid by your car’s compressor. This process releases energy in the form of heat, so the liquid refrigerant is hot until it goes through your condenser, which cools it down but maintains the pressure to keep it a liquid. When the pressurized refrigerant is released through a valve into a non-pressurized chamber, it rapidly turns back into a gas, and needs that same energy it released to do it, so it sucks in heat from the chamber and surrounding air, creating cool air outside the system that can then be blown into your Volkswagen’s cabin.

A/C Service, Diagnosis, and Repair

Since your A/C is a closed, pressurized system, A/C service involves checking the pressure of the refrigerant, making sure your compressor is engaging with the serpentine belt and functioning properly, and checking for leaks. Diagnosis can be finding a problem with the compressor or condenser, but it also is mainly checking for leaks. Repair involves sealing the leaks and replacing any parts that have worn through or broken. All of these are available at our service center, so you can have the cool air you need when you need it.

Our Experts Will Take Care of Your Car

Our technicians are experts in what they do, and they’ll go through your A/C system with a proverbial fine-tooth comb, checking every part for any problems. They use the latest in technology, including a fluorescent gas which, when injected into the system, will light up if it leaks out. This allows us to service and repair your A/C with confidence, and so you can be sure that your Volkswagen will receive the very best treatment available.

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Come to Stone Mountain Volkswagen for Your A/C Service and Repair

We’re proud to serve the Snellville and surrounding areas. We provide A/C service and repair to drivers from Snellville, Centerville, Mountain Park, Lawrenceville, Loganville, and others, and they keep coming back to us for the high quality we provide. Set up your appointment with our online scheduler today, and we’ll show you why so many trust us with their Volkswagens!


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