Volkswagen Unveils The New 2024 Electric ID. Buzz Microbus

March 15th, 2022 by
The VW ID. Buzz is super spacious and offers plenty of flexibility.

The VW ID. Buzz, a camper van for all adventurers.


Baby boomers, eco-friendly hipsters, and an entire generation of VW enthusiasts have been waiting for nearly a half-century for the new electric van throwback to the Volkswagen Bus – the new ID. Buzz – to debut. According to Volkswagen, the wait is over!

The microbus began conceptually over 50 years ago in response to a prevailing fear in the 70s that we would run out of oil by the 1990s. The best minds in electric mobility gathered to probe the boundaries of the concept, and a mere two years later had a T2 Camper with an electric drive on the road. An electric version of the Golf was created as part of short series production and was utilized by one of the creators during the 1980s.

The ID. Buzz Microbus Returns as an EV

Fast forward to 2022, where zero-emissions cars are no longer the stuff of futuristic dreams but of everyday reality. The fears of a worldwide oil shortage are mostly quelled, but they have been replaced in kind by increasing concern for the environment and gas prices that are currently making even diehard diesel fans start looking toward EVs.

The iconic ID. Buzz’s release slated for March 9th this year addresses environmental concerns in a package that not only gives a solid nod to its free-loving predecessor but also has an answer for the modern needs of today.

The 5-seater van promises to carry everyone comfortably with room for approximately 40 cubic feet of storage besides. While rainbow-colored camouflage test vehicles have been cruising around Europe in anticipation of the launch, enthusiasts can expect a choice of 7 single-color versions and 4 two-tone varieties.

The Volkswagen Microbus Is More Than Just a Van

The VW microbus camper van delivers maximum space and flexibility for everything you need.

The Volkswagen microbus is a dream come true!

The interior, animal-free, environmentally friendly, and retro in a very hip way, beautifully integrates the exterior color choice while providing fun extras such as a bottle opener and ice scraper. And with the battery located on the rear floor of the vehicle, the bus packs a sporty turning radius of just over 35 feet, making it a good choice for both rural and urban landscapes where space is in short supply. But the ID. Buzz doesn’t stop there. EV development of the vehicle also had to focus on the practical challenges of the market, such as battery endurance and horsepower.

The ID. Buzz comes with an estimated 250 miles of longevity generated from the 83KWh battery pack on the standard version, which puts it in range with the BMW Concept i4 (approx. 275 miles), the Mercedes-Benz EQC (approx. 225 miles), the Kia e-Niro (approx. 235 miles) and the Jaguar I-Pace (approx. 253 miles).

The more extended, three-row version that’s destined for American consumption kicks the battery up to 111kWh and promises to range an impressive 357 miles with more cargo capacity than a Chevy Tahoe.

How much will the ID. Buzz Cost?

After all this hype and anticipation, you might ask how much longer before this reboot will be available for purchase. While Europeans will get the first crack at the vehicle, consumption in the United States will not be far after. Guesstimates expect that the ID. Buzz will be available stateside in 2024, with an expected sticker price in the very reasonable mid-$40,000 range.